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Reconciling “giving smart” and “giving from the heart”

Housed at TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy, New England International Donors (NEID) is a community of generous individuals, grantmakers, social investors, and advisors, who are changing the world from New England. On March 12, twenty-five members of NEID spent the evening together at the American Repertory Theater to see Witness Uganda and participate in their Act […]


Impact at First Love

By Stefan Lanfer, Knowledge Officer, Barr Foundation There is a lively debate in the social sector about effectiveness. In April, Peter Karoff jumped in to debate with a post on this blog called, “What’s Going on Here?” Karoff argued for an approach that blends both art and science – one that depends on logic, left-brain […]


Transformative Philanthropy in India: Equity, Freedom and Justice

The following is a guest post written by Dr. Rajesh Tandon, Founder and President of the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), a voluntary organization providing support to grassroots initiatives in South Asia.  Dr. Tandon recently spoke at Philanthropy and Social Change in India, an event sponsored by New England International Donors and TPI’s […]


What Liberia Can Teach Haiti — the Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat

The following post originally appeared on Karen’s Blog, written by Karen Ansara, Co-Founder of New England International Donors, the Ansara Family Fund, and The Haiti Fund. Ravaged by a 14-year civil conflict fueled by despotic President Charles Taylor, the country of Liberia began to crawl out of its abyss in 2006 when President Ellen Johnson […]

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New Voices, Old Norms

By Amy Ellsworth and Lisa Spalding We have all seen this scenario.  A foundation board of directors has been intact for a long time. This long-standing group has accumulated a set of comfortable norms: ways of communicating, ways of operating, assumptions about how things should be done, habitual ways of seeing things, doing things.  They […]


What do – and don’t – we know about Millennial donors?

By Maureen O’Brien & Cynthia Gibson Last week Achieve and Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates (JGA) released the 2011 Millennial Donor survey analyzing giving trends among nearly 3,000 respondents ages 20-35.  A follow-up to a similar effort conducted in 2010, the survey continues to be one of the few attempts to study Millennials’ charitable motivations, engagement, […]


Welcome to TPI’s Deep Social Impact Blog

The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. (TPI) is a nonprofit with a mission to help donors dream big and act wisely. Our efforts to advance and expand the broader field of philanthropy have been central to fulfilling our mission and to defining who we are. Through our consulting work with corporations, foundations and families, we move rhetoric […]

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