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Financial Advisers: Roadblocks to raising the philanthropy question

Financial advisers and philanthropy seem like a perfect match.  As trusted wealth consultants with a strong personal understanding of their clients, financial advisers are uniquely positioned to positively impact their business, the individuals and families they serve, and society at large.  So, if philanthropy is good for advisers, clients, and society, what barriers keep advisers […]


Financial Advisers: Building Trust and Getting Personal

Although most professional advisers report that they do talk about philanthropy with their clients, what we see at TPI as well as in the research con­ducted with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals is that that only a small percentage of advis­ers consistently raise the topic before their clients do. Even fewer go beyond conversations on the […]


Financial Advisers: A unique role with philanthropy

Tomorrow I’m presenting at the CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2013 about how important it is for financial advisers to raise the philanthropy question with their clients.  For those who won’t be in attendance, I thought it might be helpful to share my recent contribution to the CFA Institute Private Wealth Management newsletter through a […]


Exploring the roles for philanthropy between soccer balls and coffee beans

In my last blog we looked at Tony Blair’s view on philanthropy’s role in repairing the fraying social contract. The former prime minister cited philanthropy as risk capital and the means by which one can disrupt instead of maintain the status quo. Blair sees philanthropy as creative and adventurous – an opportunity to venture where […]


Philanthropy, government and our fraying social contract

Jane Wales opened The Global Philanthropy Forum this week with the idea that today’s social contract is fraying – but also evolving. The social contract she speaks of is the means by which societies allocate priorities and resources when addressing shared problems – or more simply put, the understanding that we must all look out […]


Could John Wayne be the world’s most effective philanthropist?

Earlier this week, Jim Coutre attended the 2012 GEO National Conference in Seattle, which discussed new ideas for smarter grantmaking and greater impact.  Below is a guest post he wrote for Beth Kanter, author, blogger, social media guru and nonprofit networker.  Visit Beth’s blog for more posts from the GEO Conference and follow her on […]


A Learning Tour (Without Leaving Your Desk)

Nearly a year ago, Eliza Petro, Program Director for the Izumi Foundation, went on a learning tour to understand the values and processes that characterize today’s landscape of global health and development philanthropy.  The journey was part of the Foundation’s strategic planning process and involved interviews with two dozen smart and engaged foundations, philanthropists, and […]


Mutual Misunderstandings? Grantee-Donor Relations

While the relationship between donors and “doers” has been a hot topic since the dawn of philanthropy, there seem to be too few conversations in which donors and doers come together to explore these issues face to face.  Sure, we’ve all seen conference panels where donors recite what they look for in a grantee as […]


Case Foundation Looks at Make It Your Own

Hot off the press: the Case Foundation just released their evaluation report on the foundation’s experiments to inspire a citizen-centered approach to civic engagement and philanthropy.  The evaluation was designed and conducted by Peter Levine, Ph.D., Peter Deitz, and TPI’s own Cynthia Gibson Ph.D. Since meeting and working with Jean and Steve Case in the […]


Pakistan? Send It To My Voicemail

$25 million.  That’s how much private donors, foundations and companies have pledged since the floods in Pakistan began six weeks ago. According to the Center on Philanthropy, in the same amount of time after the Haiti earthquake in January an estimated $900 million was committed.  It’s been nearly two months since torrential monsoon rains gave […]

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