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Innovative approaches: Corporate philanthropy and STEM education

This coming Wednesday, educators, state officials, non-profit leaders, and corporate representatives will convene at Gillette Stadium for the 10th Annual Massachusetts STEM Summit.

In some ways, the focus on Science, Technology, Education, and Math (STEM) learning is old news.  This has, after all, been going on for ten years and STEM learning initiatives are active in many other states – and other nations, too.  Yet, private sector involvement in the Massachusetts STEM Initiative provides insight into the role corporate philanthropy can play in addressing large social issues.

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The First Rule of Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not What You Think

This blog originally appeared on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog.

For some, the very notion of corporate social responsibility remains an oxymoron. For example, the push-back that I get in my class in the Global and International Studies program at UCSB is that corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a concept is part of the neo-liberal conspiracy to make everything market-driven, and students view me as the spokesperson. I will say that after giving me a hard time, they ask how they can get a job working for those exact same corporate culprits.

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CSR Rule #1: Do No Harm

Social impact, social change, and social innovation – these are aspirational concepts in themselves reflective of a movement, but how do we define them?


In 1970, the sociologist James Taylor defined social innovation this way: “new ways of doing things in order to meet social needs.” How would you add to that?


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Inc. Magazine’s How-To Guide on Corporate Philanthropy

Start with a solid enterprise, develop a strategy, find projects that are the right fit. All good advice – which should be no surprise given Inc. turned to TPI’s Leslie Pine, Bolder Giving’s Christopher Ellinger and Give Something Back’s Mike Hannigan to write this new “how-to” guide. But, perhaps inherent in it being a practical guide, it misses a critical element.

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Can a Drop in Corporate Cash Giving Signal a Good Thing?

On Monday the Chronicle released results from a corporate giving survey indicating that 2010 corporate giving is holding steady from 2009 levels. Not surprised it didn’t go up. Glad it didn’t go down. What caught my eye though was that it was overall giving of cash and products that remained stable – while cash giving actually dropped.

Can corporations continue to achieve social impact if they continue to reduce cash donations?  Probably not, but there may be a silver lining here. A drop in cash donations – in the context of stable overall cash and product giving – shows more companies are finding new ways to bring the full spectrum of their resources to the table.  

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